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MacBook power issue

MacBook no wifi detected

MacBook no USB ports working


Your MacBook won’t power up? Your USB ports, WI-FI card, camera or sound are not working? Your MacBook won't go to sleep or wake up after?


Your MacBook logic board and circuitry are extremely complex but extremely well designed.

It is very rare for them to stop working by themselves, usually it is due to some sort of liquid damage or physical damage but it is possible that a circuit’s transistor, capacitor, resistor, inductor, IC becomes faulty.


If you are experiencing any of these problems, no worries, we can fix them all:

• Your MacBook does not turn on or does not have any power.

• Your MacBook does not charge or does not detect the battery.

• Your wireless card does not get detected, showing “no hardware found”

• Your camera does not work.

• Your sound does not work.

• Your USB/USB-C ports don’t work.

• Your HDMI port does not work.

• Your MacBook won't go to sleep or wake up after?


No need to spend a small fortune to replace the entire Logic board (Mother Board), it is too expensive, we can fix them all! All repairs come with 6 Months guarantee!