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MacBook repair specialist

Hamad Benaicha

Mac Repair Canada


(416) 333-3301

Toronto + Nationwide is a division of “Mac Repair Canada Inc.” that was founded by Hamad Benaicha a Certified Apple Macintosh Technician and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer since 1998.


At undoit, we focus on repairs that are "outside warranty", we are totally independent from Apple Canada (Apple Inc.).


Hamad's professional IT expertise and reputation has garnered him invitations to speak on over 50 television and radio programs to answer technical questions. Hamad is also the author of a computer security book, his Proprietary Security Policies were adopted and implemented by many businesses and posted and recommended for a full year on the highly respected Ontario Bar Association's website.


No matter where you are located in Canada, if you broke your MacBook, we can fix it and we can undo it!

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