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Grigol Ishkhneli

A true professional service! I was really impressed on every stage of the service interaction starting from initial communication, to assessment of device recommendation and options given, fair pricing, timely and super quality repair service and convenience & flexibility with pickup/payment part. For me it's definitely a super reliable place for MacBook repair!


Kathryn Ryan

I'm so grateful! I thought my MacBook pro was completely gone and instead Hamad had it working again within days. Great price, fast turnaround, incredibly knowledgeable, fair, and Hamad is a really lovely person. Don't go anywhere else! He's the best! Thank you!

Dave E. Kardos

Hamad was extremely polite and a pleasure to work with. I'm all the way out in Vancouver and had searched high and low for a third party to repair my 2014 MBP after Apple essentially quoted me the price of a new laptop for repairs.

Luckily, I found and after filling out a brief form on their website about what had happened, I received an email after 20 minutes which I was shocked about (it was a Saturday) He gave me a much better quote than Apple,... assured me all his parts were legit, and said he'd cover the shipping. My computer was useless to me and I was borrowing my girlfriend's for the time being, so being without it was no issue for me. I took a chance and sent it off, and was very pleased with the quick turnaround and excellent service.

If I ever had any further Mac or MacBook issues, I wouldn't think twice about using, despite them being 3,500km away.

Stephanie Joanne

If you live in Toronto or the GTA and you're a Mac user. Please do yourself a massive favor and store # in your phones right now.

I found them years ago when I spilled water on my trackpad and it stopped working and they fixed it the next day for next to nothing.

Everyone else has quoted me insane amounts to get my MacBook fixed or even just looked at. How amazing is it to have honest people in a business like this who really just want you to have a working computer. Hamad could have charged me anything just to look at it and tell me there are no guarantees. Ahhhhh these amazing honest business owners like this do exist! Thank you! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!

Kyle Hurst

Wow! Hamad saved my very broken MacBook Pro. Apple even told me to give up or pay for an $800 video card that is going to “break again”. He fixed it for much much less. Also, he wasn’t a normal “tech guy” that might look down or treat you like a newbie because I’m not the most technologically savvy. He was respectful, helpful and even suggested a hard drive upgrade instead of me spending more money on a backup drive. He’s a really nice guy and really know his stuff. I would recommend him to everyone!

Evan Neville was recommended to me. I looked at the reviews and was impressed that they only get 5 star reviews. But then I was hesitant that the reviews maybe fake, because how is it possible that the business only gets 5 stars. I can confirm that these reviews are legitimate. I am extremely satisfied with the service. I would give them 10 stars if I could. They are fast, efficient and the customer service is excellent. I would recommend them to anyone that needs their Mac repaired. Outstanding!

Dave E. Kardos

After spilling wine on the keyboard of my MacBook Pro I shopped it around to different repair stores who all came back with the same insane quote...$1400 for repair. I was just about to give up when I found these guys. They fixed it in about a week for about a third of the price I can't recommend them highly enough. They are professional and they live up to their promises.

Mark Wilson

Hands down the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. My daughter spilled coke on her MacBook, the process to fix it was Quick, informative, accurate diagnosis, effective repair and fair pricing. Thanks for the great experience.

Hal Murwanik

From the email to get a quote to the final repair which took a few hours in the afternoon, everything about Hamad is first-class. Knowledgeable, quick, and even had some helpful tips to have my MacBook Pro 17" perform faster, which I thought for sure was a goner when I saw tell-tell signs of a serious issue that he was quick to isolate, and repair. He was also very easy to communicate with. Would 100% go to Hamad for any of my MacBook Repairs again, and you should too. He even offered price breaks from his original quote. Just an all out great experience when you have the unfortunate instance of your productivity machine just stop working.

Ron Besco

My daughter had a MacBook that experienced significant water damage. So much so, I decided to buy her a new one. Almost 6 months later, I thought it may be worthwhile to try and get the old one repaired (a long shot in my mind).

A quick search revealed They provided a quote, that I considered to be a very fair price. Hamad was very professional, a good communicator, and made me feel like he cared. In addition, he managed expectations by being very open and honest about the likelihood of brining the severely damaged computer back to life (refreshing customer service). Anyway, the bottom line is I now have a fully repaired, older Macbook (that feels like new). Thanks, very satisfied customer.

Magnolia Grapeshaft went above and beyond for me and my Macbook. Hamad replied within an hour of me contacting him, and it was returned to me within 48 hours of my initial e-mail. I had repairs estimated by both Apple and another servicer at $1100 and $800 each, with the independent servicer articulating (a day and a half after I e-mailed them!) that they could replace my board but would be unable to clean my keyboard, however Hamad had no problem and now my sticky keys are gone! I cannot recommend enough! Excellent service for a reasonable price with a quick return!

Nathan Lafreniere-Racine

A year ago, my computer suffered a terrible coffee accident and it stopped working. I didn't know someone could fix it so I forgot about it. A week ago I thought that I needed a new laptop so I said maybe someone could revive it. I searched on google and found this company. They are amazing. They repaired my computer in a day and I got it in less than week including shipping. I saved a lot of money and it's working like new. These guys are geniuses . Thanks for your services. They even replaced screws that i lost during a past disassembly. If your computer has issues, contact them. It's worth it.

Jennifer Mercer

Thanks to Hamad's awesome work, my ancient MacBook Pro feels like a brand new machine and I couldn't be a happier customer! I received a quote almost immediately after contacting him and he replaced the battery, right speaker and hard drive in under 24 hours—and for a very reasonable price. He's refreshingly organized and knowledgeable and it was a pleasure dealing with his easygoing and friendly demeanour. It's such a relief to know that I can bypass Apple's service (which can usually take up to a week to resolve a single issue) and call Hamad instead. I'll definitely be referring him to the mac users I work with! Thanks again for the stellar service Hamad!

Tristan Homsi

Hamad's the real deal. He knows his stuff very well, and gave me a great deal on replacing my macbook battery (which he also did very quickly and conveniently).

Would highly recommend to anyone who needs their mac repaired!



Cara Tedstone

I spilled some beer on my laptop on Sunday and it completely stopped working. I was told about Macbook repair through a friend, so I emailed Hamad a few minutes after the accident and he got back to me right away. I took my laptop to him the next day (Monday)and it was fixed and ready to be picked up on Wednesday!!!! It works great now. I was so happy with the convenient location downtown and I even got a discount since I was referred through a friend. Hamad is friendly and works fast, and the service is definitely affordable. Much cheaper than buying a new computer or getting it fixed through apple! I would definitely recommend Macbook Repair!!

Ludmila de Catro-Borges

This organization is exactly what this world needs: trust. The owner was very accommodating - paying for shipping and keeping me up to date with shipping details. My computer was repaired and sent back to me here in BC in a week.  Cost wise... I paid 1/3 what I would have at the apple retailer.

Thank you so much for your professionalism, but above all else, your truthfulness. More vendors need to be like YOU! Kudos on a job very well done! God bless!



Aaron Watkins

Hamad was amazing to work with. He did such a great job and fixed my Mac quickly and at a much cheaper price then most apple stores and Mac suppliers offer. He has a genius level understanding for computers and was able to fix my Mac that was deemed unfixable by Apple. The experience was great customer service was top notch and I recommend him for any computing needs you have. Will

Definitely come back if I need anything fixed again.


Modi Mezher

It was a pleasure doing business with him, he was very polite, knowledgeable about his craft. I recommend him because his prices are also cheaper than Apple themselves and he gets the job done perfectly. I will be going to him for any future issues with my MacBook.

Vincent Cruz

Truly a great service with a meticulous eye for detail. Let me break down my experience with MacRepairCanada (Hamad).

1. Actual repair - My MacBook is running as good as when I bought it. My files were backed up and a clean install of the OS was done.

2. Service speed - It literally took 3 days (only reason was I had no time to pick up my laptop). This was to replace the logic board/GPU.

3. Convenience - Hamad made every effort to work around my schedule.

4. Hamad - Communication was great. Hamad was friendly, courteous, honest and made every effort to make sure everything was fine. He made a follow-up call to make sure the laptop is good.

When you are making a choice to find a tech that can fix your laptop, Hamad is your man.

Kerri Ballum

If anyone has any Mac issues, contact this guy!!! Exceptional service at an affordable cost! My computer was fixed within a day of drop off, for half the price of which I was quoted on PEI. He offers FREE shipping Canada wide, you provide a very small payment which is then refunded off your total repair amount. My Mac is back up and running and I did not lose anything off of it! Highly recommended!

Parisa Alirezaee

Hamad is very nice and knowledgeable. Brought my laptop from Montreal to here based on a friend's recommendation and I am very happy with the fast and great service. I would definitely go back and recommend here to my family and friends with Macbook issues.

Danijel Novokmet

Had liquid damage on my macbook. After spilling, mac was very slow and unusable. Dropped my mac at, and after 2 days it's good as new. Performance is like nothing never happened. And the price is less than 1/2 of apple store service. Also, 6 months of guarantee is really nice. Hamad was very friendly. Really, nothing negative to say even if I wanted to

Ali Haberstroh

Can't say enough good things about

The first time I went in was for total water damage on practically all internal parts of my laptop, Apple quoted me for $1190 + service fees, even saying that they could charge me to try to fix it and it might not be fixable and would probably lose everything.

Hamad replaced everything for a very small fraction of that price and I didn't lose anything off my drive. The turnover was shockingly quick and again, a fraction of Apple's estimate.


Akash Shekohn

When it comes to MacBook repairs I would not hesitate for a single second to refer Hamad. He is trustworthy, efficient, reliable, and provides beyond exceptional service. Came in with a laptop that had liquid damage, non-functioning keyboard, laptop wouldn't turn on and within less than 24 hours I had came out with a rejuvenated laptop. The repair was easy on the wallet and Hamad replaced the keyboard free of charge. Thank you Hamad! Everyone needs to come here for their Mac Repairs.

Stephen Dosxee

Hamad was awesome. He had my broken macbook pro retina screen replaced within 30 mins. He had the brand new top already there and ready to go. The price was also very competitive. Given the circumstances and knowing the big costs of replacing apple parts, I couldn't be more happy. Thanks Hamad.

Joshua Speers

Hamad from is one of the most experienced and friendliest technicians I have ever used. He has saved the day many times for me in the last 6 months. His service is quick, and he has easily been able to fix any issue I've had with my Mac. I will definitely continue to use for any future repairs I may need!

Mark Car

I highly recommend 5 stars from me! My MacBook was very slow and unresponsive and within 24 hours it was fully repaired better than when I first bought it. The service, professionalism, and competitive pricing make the go-to business for repairs to your computer.

Anouk Suba

My MacBook warranty had just expired and I didn't get the Apple care package. So when my computer suddenly refused to turn on, a friend recommended who had repaired his computer previously. Hamad helped me with my issue via email so I actually didn't even have to send in my mac for repair. Thank you!

Alex U

In shopping around for the best price and service I called several places in Toronto that specialize in repairing MacBooks. Out of the 5 people I spoke with from different stores, Hamad had the most pleasant demeanor and was by far the most straight-forward and informative about how he would fix the issue with the GPU on my MacBook (as well as the most reasonably priced!) I'm very glad I decided to entrust him with fixing my issue. If I need help with any Mac related issues in the future I will definitely be returning here for his quality service. Thank you Hamad!

Erica Giunta

Best Mac Repair you could ask for! I brought my MacBook pro in after a dreadful hot mug of tea was spilled all over, frying the mac instantly and getting liquid damage to virtually every part. I thought I was toast, or that I'd have to spend equivalent to a new mac to repair it. Hamad proved me wrong! He repaired the parts quickly and for a fraction of what I expected it to cost. He is also very friendly and knows his work well. Thanks Hamad!

Andy Hudson

Our Macbook Pro was literally 2 weeks old when we discovered a battery charging issue. We brought it into Apple store who quoted us $1,100 to have fixed. Needless to say the Macbook pro stayed in it's box for the next 9 months. While looking at buying a new computer, I came across I reached out on Friday morning, the computer was picked up on Friday lunch time and pictures showing some of the damage where sent Friday afternoon. A price was agreed (less... than half the cost of what the Apple store quoted) and the computer was returned to us in full working order Tuesday lunchtime. All through the process, we were kept in the loop with regards to what the cost would be as well as timing. Can't recommend highly enough. Hopefully we never have to reach out to you again, but if we do have an issue, you are the first person we are calling.

Winston Ly

Hamad helped replace the battery on my macbook air, he was very quick, and very knowledgeable about any other concerns I had. Being friendly is a big plus as well, he was very courteous and made my experience very pleasant. Will definitely be calling on him again!

Konstantin Popovic

I found the right person at the right time!

Hamad is awesome and very informative always ready to answer any questions and give advise. He is also a true gentleman.

He did a great job on my Mac!

Also the atmosphere at the shop is relaxed. Being there while he works on your Mac is very reassuring.

Do not waste your money on Mac stores go straight to Hamad!

Brian Jose

Fast. Super friendly. Honest. Way cheaper than Apple will charge you. And most important -- top level expertise. I'm burning through my work tonight now that Hamad has replaced by hard drive with SSD (and transferred all my data). I dropped it off Saturday morning and it was ready by Sunday. I think he gets genuine joy from solving his customers' problems. I was ready to use my 2012 MacBook Pro as a doorstop, but now it is humming along beyond what I had even hoped for...but Hamad told me this would happen. Why did I doubt? is the best. I've used them twice and both times had a 5-star experience. Thank you,!

Lizen Kc

Amazing quality work done quickly and at the best price i was able to find in the whole city. I would recommend him to anyone!

Olive Patricia Heart

Thank you so very much for your prompt and excellent service in fixing my MacBook. While away for a weekend in the US, I had a very unfortunate accident. I spilled a whole cup of hot coffee over the keyboard of my MacBook Pro. I found a very helpful company "MacRescue" near Bangor. They took my battery and memory out of the liquid, but would have had to send it to New Jersey for repair. In the end, they did this for no charge. While I was there, they did a search in Canada for someone who could do the repairs. The name they gave me, thankfully, was

Hamad's wonderful attention to detail and thoughtfulness throughout the process made it much less stressful than I imagined it could be.

Larissa Lio

Great service. Friendly, fast, and affordable. Quote for Mac battery replacement is the lowest I’ve seen in the city and I was able to get it replaced within a few days. 100% would refer him

Dmitry Lopyrev

Hamad did a great job! He brought to life my old Mac Book Air which I was ready to get rid off! Apple store washed its hands saying that it's too old! Amazing service, affordable price. Well done, Hamad!. I would love to put more starts!

Penny Smart

This is the first time that I dealt with this company and have found that the service was excellent. I had contacted a certified provider in town and did not get a call back after two attempts. Upon searching, I found this company was quick to respond and turn around service fast, I also got a quote before I sent the Mac in. I sent through the Canada postal service and got it back within a week repaired, I will be using the service again. Thank you, it was a pleasure to deal with Hamad.

Giulia Rose

I cannot go off enough about how great these services are. My MacBook has given me problems for years and they have fixed it time and time again, somehow saving my computer even when multiple other people told me my hard drive and computer were doomed, he managed to fix it. I would not trust my computer with anyone else, seriously some of the best services in Toronto. My boyfriend also spilled water all over his computer and he was able to retrieve everything

Igor Denisov

Great service and quality of work - totaled MacBook Pro Retina screen replaced quicker than expected and looks great. Pleasure to deal with, would recommend!

Boris Okner

Prompt, professional and affordable service. Saved me a lot of money by not having to buy a new Macbook. Highly recommended.

James Cordiner

Water spill rendered my MacBook Pro useless. Had a couple of stores look at it where I was told it was not worth repairing. Brought it to and had it fixed in a few days for much less than a new laptop. Professional, friendly service and guaranteed work! Thank you!

John Watson

I cannot praise Hamad enough for the superb job he did in replacing the cracked screen on a MacBook. The laptop was back in less than 18 hours and the price was less than half what Apple and Best Buy quoted. If you need any mac repaired do not hesitate to contact Hamad of!

William Oldacre

Hamad is the best. Extremely professional and very knowledgable. So glad I found him! He repaired my MacBook very quickly for a very reasonable price. It was a pleasure meeting him. So glad I know who to go to for future repairs!! Highly recommend him.

Chris Fu

4 month old mac book pro brought back to life within quoted amount and time. Very happy with service. Was worried about finding parking in area but parking was available onsite. So no worries.

Travis Terrence

Thank you very much ! Got my Macbook Air repaired within under a week including the shipping. Very reliable service! Contact was kept while my Macbook Air was being fixed and pictures were also sent of the repair.

Frederic Crebiller

I spilt an entire glass of Lemonade on my MacBook and I live in Halifax, every store I walked in I was told it was un-repairable, or that it would cost almost the price of a new one! I called and they gave me an amazing price, I shipped my MacBook and got it back working like new, everything was very easy and I couldn't ask for better customer service. A+++++!!

Garvan Keeley

Had my macbook pro battery replaced for a good price, and Hamad did it while I waited. Fast, friendly service.

Railton Jeavons

All I can say is "WOW". As promised, all fixed and prompt service to. ( Hamad ) is the best. :)

Jay Lee

I had lines and blotches on my MBP screen and called numerous places. Got quotes and timelines that were not satisfactory and would have caused me to buy a new MacBook. I called and spoke with Hamad. After a day of investigation, they were able to find all the issues and provided a cost-effective and very timely return of my MacBook!!! Very pleased with the service, timing, and cost!!! I highly recommend them!

Hannah Maria

Amazing customer service. Quick and fast delivery. I shipped out my "fried" MacBook and it was back working perfectly in less than a week. Highly recommend it to everyone.

Nathaniel Pace

Broke the screen on my girlfriend’s computer. Couldn’t get an appointment at apple for over a week. Took it in the next day and three days later had the computer back and fixed for far less than apple would have charged. Was very honest with his assessment, up front about pricing and did not try to up sell me for the more expensive repair. Would highly recommend

Daryoush Moezzi

Great service, fast turnaround and straightforward explanation of what needed fixed. Was able to diagnose the problem there and then get it fixed over the weekend.

Assiya Smagulova

I've got a MacBook recently! The LCD on it was broken and it was repaired fast and professionally. The repair was done the same day and the shipping to Montreal took 1 day! It works perfectly! Thank you very much!

David P. Stephen is terrific! It was a pleasure to do business with you - your friendly service and prompt professionalism is to be commended.  I give you Six stars! My daughter's MacBook Air was repaired quickly and skillfully, as promised - the entire transaction went without a hitch! I truly can't say enough about the quality of repair and the warm, friendly, courteous service received.

Joel Lord

Just got my laptop repaired by! It works perfectly and was done much quicker than it would've taken at the Apple Store. Great service and great tech! I would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

Tanisha Strachon

Quick, affordable, and friendly service!

Michael Risi

There was no power to my MacBook Pro. I wasn't about to spend $800+ to have Apple fix it. These guys fixed it quickly and a lot cheaper than Apple would have charged. I was even given a detailed explanation of what went wrong. On top of that, they replaced the missing feet and screws on my bottom case without me asking and free of charge! All this and it arrived back in my hands much sooner than I expected. Great, quick communication and a great price! What more can you ask for?

Cathy Golding

Great company! I had dropped my Apple computer and cracked a 15in retina screen...I was devastated after hearing from apple and another repair shop of the cost for the repair, I was going to give up until I found fixed it for a fraction of the cost that I was quoted from apple and the other repair shops...they are great company to deal with...great communication and eager to please and get the job done for their customers...I highly recommend this company!

Eric Guille

Fast, friendly and great service. Thanks Hamad for fixing my MacBook.

Val Seperovic

Great guy! Repaired my mac and it didn't take long.. Reasonably priced and trustworthy. Definitely recommend. Thanks Hamad!

Mitul Patel

Hamad is very prompt, PROFESSIONAL and honest. I had taken my water damaged Macbook air to him after two other places told me it was extremely costly to repair. He had opened it up on the spot and within 24 hours, it was fixed and ready. He is very knowledgeable and informative and really thoroughly explains/shows you what needs to be fixed.

He fixed trackpad, keyboard and LCD back light issues and the laptop is working GREAT. He also provided a one year warranty on his repa...

Andy Baker

This was an amazing experience. Hamad was able to fix the trackpad and keyboard on my macbook pro for a very reasonable price and in a very timely fashion. Professional and courteous every step of the way, I would not hesitate to return if I have problems in the future. Would recommend to everyone I know, much better option than the Apple store.

Cedric Tse

Very easy and straight forward. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a Mac problem.

Singh Digital

Hamad at fixed my 2010 MBP 15-inch Graphics failure problem within one hour. I was so impressed with his amazing ability to diagnose and pinpoint hardware issues with great ease. The experience and talent speak for itself indeed.

Olivia Oborne

Being a particularly unlucky and clumsy person, it is no surprise that there would eventually be an accident involving water and my Macbook.

With a sliver of hope, I took it to the apple store and asked what had happened, and how much it would cost to repair.

After keeping it for the weekend, I got a call saying that the cost to repair would amount to that of a new Macbook, and that none of my data could be salvaged.

Within hours, I stumbled across, and thank goodness. I composed an e-mail and got a detailed and polite response that same night. They really work hard for your satisfaction. was able to restore my computer for less than half the price the Apple Store gave me. As a bonus, they were able to save all my data.

I highly recommend to anyone that needs help with their Apple computer.

Keith Parsons

Brought in my macbook to be repaired. Finished it in an amazing 3 hours!!! Picked it up same day. Excellent work and looks brand new. Great to do business with and an awesome person to chat with. Thanks again!

Sami Dalati

Fantastic, I have use twice so far, both times with a screen replacement. both times they finished the repair within 24 hours. They also cleaned my keyboard last time and now the buttons bounce the way they should!

Tiffany Taylor

I dropped my MacBook air and damaged the LCD. There were some small damages that I had no idea of and he repaired them for me as well. Hamad was very helpful and patient with all my questions. He repaired my laptop in a timely manner and I was very satisfied with the results. His price was decent and I would definitely recommend his services. It was definitely worth the travel

Mark MacKinnon

Spectacularly  fast, efficient, and inexpensive logic board replacement for my 17" MacBook Pro. Excellent communication and precise work. Mailed it on Tuesday, received it back on Thursday. Highly recommended with A+ service.

Saul Berson

Hamad totally saved my bacon and my Macbook Pro. I arrived in Toronto to work at a convention operating a photo kiosk. Without my computer and all the pertinent software loaded on it for this job, I would have been in a lot of hot water. After landing, I powered up my computer at 10pm and got the dreaded blinking question mark - the first malfunction of my laptop since buying it in 2013. After several unsuccessful attempts at Recovery Mode and reinstalling the OS, I Googled Mac repairs in TO and got to MacRepairCanada. I needed help ASAP and his was the only business that opened at 9:00am as opposed to 10 or 11am. Arrived at his place right at 9am He knew right away that the issue was the data cable. He had the machine up and running again in under two hours. Thank you Hamad!

Christing Leung

Hamad is friendly, professional, and quick. Price points are reasonable and fair in comparison to other apple repair options, I would definitely return and recommend his services.

Damien McElvanna

Great service, fast turnaround and straightforward explanation of what needed fixed. Was able to diagnose the problem there and then get it fixed over the weekend.

Scott Weiler

According to Apple it was not possible to get parts for my old macbook pro. But replaced the defective Video chip and the machine is back up and running. Much much cheaper then buying a new macbook pro.

This is a great service. Fast and easy.



Michael Campbell

When I was told by Apple that they would not help me as my MacBook Pro was considered "vintage" I was beyond upset. Then I found these guys, at first I was a little sceptical, but I went with it.

The entire process was smooth and stress free. Got my machine back and it's working like new! Would highly recommend this business to my friends and family!

Hee Dong Kim

Hamad fixed a problem that Apple Genius Bar didn't. Nice service for a honest price

Jackie O

Hamad was extremely efficient, replacing my macbook battery before my eyes and he was a pleasure to do business with. I'd highly recommend his services and will definitely be bringing any future macbook problems to him!

Jeschi Quillao

My broken screen was repaired and returned in 24hrs. (with a 1-year warranty) Hamad also saved me $200 by reusing the display cover. Other quotes didn't even consider saving the display cover--or saving me money. Shop around and you'll see that Hamad and his services are worth every dollar you'll spend & save fixing your Mac.

Hugo Jobidon-Lavergne

This guy knows how to do customer service. I had a flooded macbook that I turned back on 30minutes after (dont do that) and he still managed to repair my logic board in a week, including shipping time. Great communication for all the procedures, great packaging for the shipping. Hamad is very professional and nice. I am in Montreal and it felt as easy as going to my local computer repair shop. Keep up the good work Hamad!

Ambition Charisma

Top notch service from a top notch guy! Hamad opened up my Mac right in front of me and replaced the part in 10 minutes. Price was very reasonable as well. I highly recommend Hamad for anything Mac related.

Joe Moonen

After years of being frustrated with my mid 2010 MCB and it's constant kernel panics I brought it in to get fixed at

Hamad replaced the capacitor as I asked in less than a day. When I brought my Mac home I found that it was still bombing. Even more frustrated that it may be a new issue I brought it back by his suggestion. While I waited he replaced the capacitor with a different brand at no charge. Who does that anymore? Service while you wait!

My machine is running like brand new again. Only by Hamad's dedication to his work am I able to enjoy my MacBook again. I can't say enough about his work.

I recommend anyone with a Mac that has any problems get it to today.

Christopher Padiath

Best Mac repair shop in the city! Very convenient mailing option. Turnover time was quick. Good communication when diagnosing the issue and asking for consent to move ahead with the repair. I tried repairing the water damage on my keyboard at two other places and wasted so much money. I regret not bringing it to Hamad first! I am 100% satisfied.

Sherry McNaught

Thank you for the speedy service. I appreciate your professionalism. Great business you have

Paul Avery

I have a 17" macbook pro that is about 8 years old. I have upgraded the HD to SSD and upgraded memory. This machine will run circles around most new PC laptops bought today and would be comparable to a new macbook. Plus Apple no longer makes 17".

The macbook started having boot-up issues. I tried in vain to deal with it. I contacted Hamad and he correctly diagnosed from my description. I shipped it to him, he repaired it/replaced the part (the GPU was not working right), and shipped it back to me.

This macbook means a lot to me and I care of it a lot.

He/his company kept me in the loop on what was happening and sent me a pic of it working before they shipped it back to me.

Recently I got some cleaning solution into the keyboard a number of keys stopped working. Hamad saved the day again.

The company is great. Their process is great. Hamad is great. 5+ stars.

Richard Rhodes

I brought my aging, comatose Mac Air in for a battery swap and Hamad was quick and friendly and ready to pass along charging and system advice for the next half dozen years. Highlight of my week, so far.

Hossein Mazaheri

The service is great and quick, he is a very knowledgeable engineer and has a friendly personality, he is very fair with the price and finally, he warranties his service and gives extra supports if needed.

Gilles Toupin

I had an issue with my MacBook Pro. I couldn’t replicate on an external screen anymore. When I visited the local store they told me that I would need a new logic board at a cost of over $1000 + installation and taxes. A bit pricey for a computer that is 5 years old. After more search I found out about I contacted them and I contacted them and explained my problem. Within a few hours (1 or 2) I received a message from Hamad who quoted me at less than 1/3 of the price of a new board. What I really like about the repair, is the way Hamad kept me informed at every stage, including a few pictures of the working computer. I definitely recommend their services!

Phil Fairhead brought my mac back to life after taking on some serious water damage. and for a fraction of the price then what apple would of charged me, and in a very timely manner! not to mention their free shipping service for any customers outside the TO area is brilliant! ill definitely be doing business with again, and ill be telling all my friends about you! good job Hamad! A+++++++++++

Brian de Rivera Simon

Called Hamad to setup an appointment to have my Macbook batteries replaced. Very happy with the service quote and the repair service. Best part of the experience is I was able to get my Mac back the same day. I would recommend calling in advance to setup an early 9am appointment.

Vanessa Ashton

I highly recommend Hamad and Great service, extremely knowledgable and finds ways to repair the Mac Product without choosing the easy and most expensive option. I'll go there instead of Apple moving forward.

Angelina Monteiro

I am very pleased with the service i received from I had a broken LCD and Hamad fixed it for half the price quoted by the Apple store. I sent the laptop, got it fixed, and received it back all within 10 days. All of my queries were promptly answered and I highly recommend Hamad and

Susan Hough

Hamad was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him for all your Mac repair needs. The Apple store wouldn't service my 2011 macbook, and claimed I'd have a hard time finding anyone to fix it - not at all the case. Hamad was the first person I called, he confirmed that he could repair a machine this old, I dropped it off the next morning and it was ready that afternoon. He gave me some great insight into how I could maintain my laptop without having to buy a new one, and I never at all felt like I was being up-sold. When I do get around to upgrading my laptop, I'll definitely go back to Hamad.

Denis Pianarosa

Dear Hamad, I just want to say we received the laptop safe and sound and it is working wonderfully. While other official mac shops said the computer needed to be replaced, you were able to fix it for a fraction of the cost and permanently address the chronic mac issue with the GPU.

Thank you very much for the hassle free, worry free service you provided. You have a great system for mailing in laptops.

And thank you for replacing the screw. I wouldn’t have minded if you charged me extra for it.

I will keep you in mind if we need any other repairs or products and I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Betty Cascanette

The service I received from was excellent and very fast. Hamad Benaicha is very professional. He answered all my questions regarding how best to repair my MacBook Pro, based on an exchange of information about was what wrong with the laptop, its current specifications and operating system. I had a broken screen replaced, a new hard drive installed, and an upgrade to the amount of ram...all for a very reasonable price. He also included a one-year warranty. This company has earned my trust, and I would not hesitate to do business with them in the future.

Chris DeGroot

I highly recommend Hamad and for anyone having issues with their Mac products. The backlight in my Macbook went out while travelling. First I went to the Apple store and they said I needed to replace my screen for a cost of about half of a new Macbook.

Hamad correctly determined that it was in fact the logic board that had a problem and not the screen itself. He then had it fixed the same day that I brought it in. He provided very professional service at a reasonable price. He also provides a warranty card, guaranteeing his repair for one year. Although I hope not to have any more issues with my laptop in the near future, I will definitely bring it to Hamad if I do. Thanks again..

Diane Lehman

Hamad was so wonderful to deal with. He figured out the issue right away, gave me a few options for fixing (with pricing) and within two days my computer was fixed and back in my hands. All for a very affordable price. Would highly recommend. Many thanks, Hamad!

Derrick Rushton

Our son spilled water on his 2016 MacBook Pro and when taken to a repair shop was told the Mac was useless and not worth repairing. I found and made contact. From that point forward I had nothing but the best experience possible when shelling out money for a silly mistake. Not only was Hamad able to repair the MacBook Pro for less than 1/3 of the cost of a new one the experience and communication was impeccable. Highly recommend this company and will always contact them with any apple product repair

Brent McNeil

Received my Macbook back yesterday! It's looking beautiful after having the screen replaced following a second accident (we have young extremely unpredictable and active children)

I was nervous sending my computer in the mail to someone I had never met, but the local repair guys I spoke with said that even they had to send out retina screens for replacement (maybe they also send to! )

So after reading reviews and a few emails back and forth with Hamad, I packed my Macbook Pro and held my breath. It was back in less than a week at a price MUCH lower than anyone else would offer.


 Fast friendly service  even from a distance Hamad can develop a good trusting relationship quickly and follow up with quality work.

Fast, empathetic, conscientious, professional customer service. Don't hesitate; just let prove themselves to you!

Tracey Ballum

I can't say enough good things about him or the sevice he proviced. Such a reasonable price. He offers FREE shipping Canda wide and also drop off servoce. I was actually headed to Toronto so took the computer with me and dropped it at his door at 3pm, by 8pm it was up and running for less than half the price quited on PEI. I picked it up the next day!