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MacBook broken LCD

MacBook LCD cracked

MacBook LCD replacement


Broke your MacBook LCD?


MacBook LCDs are extremely well built and unless physical damage or liquid damage occur, they rarely stop working.

Very often, it is the end user who either drops the MacBook or accidently leaves a headset or charger on the keyboard and closes the lid breaking the LCD.  The smallest crack is enough to damage the LCD.

Here at, we only use brand-new full top LCD assemblies. We aim to always keep all the different models in stock; both old and new.

If you are located in Toronto, we can replace most LCDs within 15 minutes, by appointment only! Or if you are shipping it using our Free insured mail services, we aim to fix your MacBook the same day it arrives.


Once your MacBook is fixed, we’ll email you pictures showing it fixed, along with the invoice and a link where you’ll be able to proceed with the payment.

We made the entire process to be very easy, hassle free, and all the way to your doorstep!