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MacBook flashing folder

MacBook OS won't install

MacBook won't update


Your MacBook is getting a flashing folder at startup?


The root problem of the flashing folder is generally one of these 3 reasons:  A bad hard drive/SSD, no power going to the hard drive/SSD or a corrupted MacOS. If you have time, make sure to watch the video on this page where I explain the evolution of the hard drive/SSD on the MacBook, along with a quick fix for a flashing folder on a MacBook Pro.


The Mac OS is only supplied with Apple computers. Many users cite the operating system as one of the reasons they buy Apple hardware. It is extremely reliable and known for its stability, so it is unlikely the root of the problem but it is possible.


In the event you are having issues with your Mac OS and if your Mac OS won’t install or won't update, or if you are having software problems, don't worry, we'll sort it out. We can re-install your Mac OS and make sure all your data is safe!

Some MacOS shortcuts that you might find very helpful:


1. ⌘C = Copy

2. ⌘V = Paste

3. ⌘X = Cut

4. ⌘A = Select all

5. ⌘Z = Undo

6. ⌘⇧Z = Redo

7. ⌘P = Print document

8. ⌘Tab = Switch programs

9. ⌘` = Next window in current program

10. ⌘⇧3 = Capture entire screen

11. ⌘⇧4 = Capture custom area

12. ⌘⇧4 Spacebar = Capture window

13. ⌘W = Close window

14. ⌘N = New window/document

15. ⌘S = Save document

16. ⇧⌘S = Save document as…

17. ⌘O = Open document

18. ⌘Q = Quit program

19. ⌘Spacebar = Open Spotlight

20. ⌘⇧N = Create new Folder

21. ⌘Delete = Delete Files

22. ⌘⇧Delete = Empty Trash

23. ⌘, = Open Preferences

24. ⌘←, ⌘→ = Move to start/end of line

25. ⌘↑, ⌘↓ = Move to top/bottom of document

or call:

(416) 333-3301 Toronto + Nationwide