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MacBook battery replacement

MacBook won't charge

Battery won't hold charge


Does your MacBook refuse to charge? Or does the battery die way too quickly?


No matter the model of your MacBook or the year, we can install a new battery for you.

Please note that we do not keep batteries on hand at all times but if you require a battery that we don't have in stock, we can get it for you within 2-3 days.



TIPS: What you should know to keep your replacement battery live longer:

Whether it's in a MacBook, an iPhone or any other electronic devices, a battery has a physical and chemical process. How the battery is used affects how it works and how long it lasts. Fortunately, today, batteries can give you some information on their condition and the cycles they are at.

You can find how many cycles your battery has by clicking on “About this Mac  System Reports  Power”. According to Apple, your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its’ original capacity at 1,000 complete charge cycles.


Realistically a battery should last between 3 to 6 years depending how it was used. Going from 100% to 50% charge is half a cycle. Yet how the batteries actually work from a chemistry and physical perspective means that this puts less of a strain on battery life than going from 100% to 0% all the time.


The biggest power drain is the screen, dimming the screen reduces the power consumption. It prolongs the life of the battery by extending the time before you have to charge it again.


If you are not going to use your MacBook for a long period of time, turn it off and do not store it with 0% charge, based on our personal experience with the older models, batteries left with 0% charge for more than 3 months will no longer hold charge after and you’ll immediately receive an error message saying “Replace Battery” as soon as you plug them back in.


Just remember that a battery at 0% isn't completely depleted. There is still some stored energy that the battery needs for both chemical health, and start-up power. Idle Batteries lose charge either because of a system clock, or just time, always keep your battery with some charge in it even if you do not need to use the MacBook. A good habit is to never let your battery goes below 35%.

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