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MacBook liquid damage

MacBook rice fix

MacBook logic board


If you’ve spilled liquid on your MacBook, have no fear, we can fix it, we can undo it! is equipped with the parts and the expertise needed to fix your MacBook. While some liquids can do more damage than others, we are ready for anything!

If it just happened, make sure to read the do and don’t below or watch our video on liquid damages!



• Panic.

• Move the MacBook around too much. This will help prevent the liquid from moving inside and creating more damage.

• Plug it in again or try to turn it on without waiting at least 48 hours.

• Use a hair dryer; it could melt your keyboard.

• Put rice inside your MacBook, it does not work.



• Turn it off and unplug it.

• Keep the lid open and flip it over with the keyboard lying on a towel.

• Let it dry at least 48 hours, try it again and email us the symptoms.